Everyday Miracles 2021

A 1-Year Spiritual Journey from Fear to Love

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Welcome to EVERyDAY MIRACLES 2021 – an online membership community dedicated to the study and practise of A Course in Miracles.
with Robert & Hollie Holden

A Year of Miracles

the course can inspire you

inner peace
Connecting everyday to inspiration, guidance and grace.

loving relationships
Healing the blocks to love, forgiveness and happiness.

world healing
Living with purpose, leading with courage, love and service.

A Course in Miracles has inspired a generation of thought-leaders and spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Oprah Winfrey, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer and many others. This much-loved book is hailed as a modern spiritual classic that offers timeless wisdom and inspiration for the world today.

A Course in Miracles: book cover

Experience Miracles Together

A Course in Miracles offers a spiritual training to help shift your experience of the world from fear to love. It is studied by millions of people worldwide – from all faiths and backgrounds – dedicated to spiritual growth and world peace.

The Course is so inspiring but it can be overwhelming and difficult to study it alone. In Everyday Miracles 2021 we join together to support and help each other to choose love over fear.

Jacqui Bull, student of a Course in Miracles
“The Everyday Miracles community has been a source of knowledge, understanding, respite, validation and comfort this year. Thank you for Everyday Miracles. So much love for everyone who is a part of it.”
Jacqui Bull | London, UK

Spiritual Direction

Daily inspiration, weekly classes, and monthly webinars to help you stay on course all year.


Safe and loving space to help you rest, heal and reset yourself on your spiritual path.


A global, diverse community of kindred spirits dedicated to spiritual growth and service.

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Registration closes 28th January!
There is a place in you where 
nothing is impossible. Tthere is a place in you where
 the strength of God
 — A Course in Miracles

Who Is This For?

This membership is for you if:

Marianne Adjei, student of a Course in Miracles
“Everyday Miracles has been a daily invitation to lean into Love. Being part of the group has really helped me to include all encounters and relationships within the space of the Miracle.”
marianne adjei | London, UK

About Robert & Hollie

Your guides for this journey

Robert and Hollie Holden are the hosts of Everyday Miracles 2021. They are students of A Course in Miracles and teach worldwide.

Robert Holden, headshot. A Course in Miracles teacher.

Robert Holden is a Patron of the Miracle Network. He is the author of Holy Shift! 365 Meditations from A Course in Miracles.

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Hollie Holden, headshot. Teacher of a Course in Miracles

Hollie Holden is a mother, artist, writer and an ordained interfaith minister. Her journey with the Course began back in her late teens.

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Hear from members of our Everyday Miracles Community who have been participating for the past 2 years:
“The Everyday Miracles group is a blessing in my life. Hollie and Robert are deeply insightful and their work truly comes from a place of love. As a collective, the group provides a safe environment for exchange of ideas and a loving and supportive community.”
bob berry | Portland, Oregon, USA
“During my first year studying A Course in Miracles, I approached it with a discipline aimed at understanding the language. During year two, this morphed into allowing its beauty and bounty to touch me on a different level.”
Joan Macmaster | Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK
“The Everyday Miracles group has been an essential part of my ability to feel connected, grounded, open and held, and to continue to stand for love, even in the midst of these very challenging and uncertain times.”
Odette Vaccaro | Orlando, Florida, USA
“I can wholly say – hand on heart – if it was not for this community I do not know where I would be now. Everyday Miracles – Hollie and Robert Holden have been absolutely instrumental in my progress as a human being on this earth.”
Jaycee Hudson | West Sussex, UK
There is a place in you where 
nothing is impossible. Tthere is a place in you where
 the strength of God
 — A Course in Miracles

Say Yes to Miracles

Here’s what you’ll receive

daily acim lessons

Each Sunday you’ll receive a link to the daily ACIM lessons for the week ahead – read by Hollie. Don’t worry if you miss a day; you can always go back in time to review past lessons. The journey is forgiving.

Monday Miracle Class

Robert & Hollie host a 15-minute live class each Monday 9 am PT | 5 pm UK – offering a short practice/meditation for the week. You can join the live class or watch the recording.

monthly miracles webinar

Hollie & Robert host a 90-minute Miracles Webinar – offering in-depth study on key ACIM principles and themes like purpose, relationships, forgiveness, and healing. Plus lots of time for Miracles Q&A.

Miracle Members’ Area

This is your online portal for access to the daily ACIM lessons, Monday classes, Monthly Webinar and Miracles Library. You’ll find everything you need here!

private facebook group

Access to a friendly and highly engaged Facebook Community. Here you can ask for support via our prayer circle, celebrate your miracles, and connect with miracle-minded friends.

even more miracles

Each month, Robert & Hollie post bonus content, new meditations, and interviews with top ACIM teachers and Everyday Miracles members.

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New for 2021…

living the principles of the course

Kyle Gray

alan cohen

marianne williamson

earl purdy

Robert & Hollie host a series of monthly conversations with leading teachers of A Course in Miracles from around the world.

The Journey

themes we’ll explore together

We begin with the story of the Course – its major themes and purpose. We set our intention to walk a path of miracles in 2021.

Live Webinar
50 Principles of Miracles

There is a Better Way!

We practice lessons, prayers and meditations that help to remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence.

Live Webinar
Let Love Find You

Removing the Blocks to Love

We work with Course principles and practices to overcome personal challenges and obstacles.

Live Webinar
Asking for a Miracle

One Problem, One Solution

We study the Course’s teachings on the Easter Story and how we can transform suffering into love in our own life.

Live Webinar
Nothing Real Can Be Threatened

From Crucifixion to Resurrection

We explore forgiveness as a spiritual path and how to heal the past, live in the present, and create a better future.

Live Webinar
3 Steps to Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness

The Course sees relationships as a spiritual path and every relationship has a curriculum that offers lessons, gifts, and healing.

Live Webinar
Creating Holy Relationships

Special & Holy Relationships

We learn about the mind-body connection and how true healing starts with a change of mind.

Live Webinar
The Unhealed Healer

Healing and Wholeness

We work with Course teachings on how to open up to a daily guidance, universal inspiration and everyday grace.

Live Webinar
Help with Making Big Decisions

Living a Guided Life

We dive deep into finding our purpose, shining our light, and expressing our creativity.

Live Webinar
The Manual for Teachers

Being a Miracle Worker

We focus on how to be more present, more receptive, and more open to the holy gifts of now.

Live Webinar
The Kingdom of Heaven

Practising the Holy Instant

The Course teaches that gratitude is true prayer, and that the more grateful we are, the more we experience love.

Live Webinar
From Scarcity to Abundance

Gratitude as a Spiritual Path

We study the Course’s teachings on Christ Consciousness and how we may be used as instruments for love.

Live Webinar
Christmas: A Time for Miracles

Walking with the Christ

There is a place in you where 
nothing is impossible. Tthere is a place in you where
 the strength of God
 — A Course in Miracles

The Investment

12 payments of
per month

~$17 USD
save 16%
1 payment of
for the year

~$169 USD

annual live gathering

Everyday Miracles members get a special £75 (~$100 USD) discount and priority booking for MANY MIRACLES – our 3-day Live Event in London in November 2021.

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Registration closes 28th January!
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When does Everyday Miracles 2021 begin?
How much time each week will this take?
How much teaching do Robert and Hollie do?
Can I ask Robert and Hollie questions?
What if I miss a live class or webinar or am in a different time zone?
Do I have to be familiar with the A Course in Miracles content?
What happens if I fall behind?
Can I gift this program to others?
What is the cancellation policy?
Is there ongoing technical support?

Prepare Yourself for Miracles

We do hope you join us

We wish for you a year of miracles in 2021! May you and your relationships, work and life be truly blessed with miracles. We sincerely hope you will join us on this spiritual journey from fear to love.

Registration closes 28th January!
There is a place in you where 
nothing is impossible. Tthere is a place in you where
 the strength of God
 — A Course in MiraclesA Course in Miracles: new book cover design